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Yesterday I was lamenting how I don't own a cross-body bag large enough to hold my books, camera, etc. I looked online but everything I liked was expensive so I decided to try making one.

First stop: Thrift Store

Second stop: Craft Room

This skirt was super old. As in, it was a size 16 with no laundry care label and would probably fit a 2010 size 6, tops. It was a nice lightweight wool, and I liked the color and drape. $3.50

This is the back of a dress -- a very strange little dress with a tear on one seam. I loved the silky fabric -- it's really nice to touch -- and I thought the print would make a great lining for a plain grey wool bag. $4

I bought this jacket just for its awesome smoothly gliding metal zipper. It also had some fleece on the collar I might use for the camera insert I'm going to make later. $4

Some extremely beautiful foam placemats I bought to use as a stiffener for the sides and bottom. $0.50

Hardware was the reason I picked this belt, but then I ended up using the fabric bits for the base of my cross-body strap as well. A steal at $1.

Arnie making good use of thrift store loot. He's an excellent listener for creative frustrations.


The finished project! I still need to do some final tacking-down of random bits by hand, but it's pretty much done.

Detail shot of the strap-end. Probably that's obvious.

You can't see precisely, but I put in four pockets -- two small phone/pen size ones on one side, a zipper one across from that (using the zipper from the skirt), and a large round elastic one on one side (from a puff-sleeve from the original dress!)

Closeup showing my not so perfect stitching and the zipper pocket. :)

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